Good As Gold Pawnbrokers 

We are a traditional pawnbroker, we buy, we sell, and provide instant cash loans on goods. 

We have 2 great locations, Eagleby and Marsden.

The heart of Eagleby Plaza Shopping Centre, on the corner of Fryar Rd and River Hills Rd, Eagleby, Qld. As well as the center of Marsden, Shop 1/19 Barkyla Place, Marsden, Qld. Please drop by and see our ever changing stores.  Come down and see our weekly specials.

Pawnbrokers have a very long history. The industry is known as one of the oldest, we provide a service for all your preloved goods. You can trade your goods into cash or into a different item which better suits your needs. The modern pawnbroker deals in a wide range of high quaility goods at a fraction of the price of new.  We can provide instant cash loans on collateral goods, purchases your used or unwanted goods to help get you through those tough times or to help you with trading your goods into more suited items.

At Good as Gold, we are very conscious of your needs and provide a very high level of customer satisfaction. We build our relationships with our clients, as we get to know you better we provide a taylored service unlike other pawnbrokers.